Mobile casinos – newest, best and with free spins

The exiting progress of the online casino phenomenon in the past decades has hardly surprised anyone, although the originators had probably never anticipated the huge success that they would witness over the years. Society as a whole has become more accepting of gaming as hobby, and some people are even making a very good living as professional online poker players.


The next step of providing easily accessible and flexible options, like mobile casinos for the on-the-go individual that personifies life early in the second millennium, came as no surprise to anyone.

Nowadays almost every gamer wants to be able to use their smartphone or tablet to play new mobile casino games and win all those juicy mobile casino bonuses. While they’re waiting for a bus, sitting on a train or in line at the supermarket, gamers want to use that time to play and the technology is constantly progressing to allow them to do just that.

It is a good thing then that mobile casino games are easily accessible as apps for iPhones, Androids and Windows mobile, with no unnecessary space-consuming software to download. However, the latest edition of mobile casino accessibility is to simply play directly on the mobile phone browser thanks to HTML5 technology, which most of the new mobile phones are equipped or updated with today.

The Best New Mobile Casinos

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Review Market

There is a jungle of new mobile casinos out there, all of them screaming for the gamer’s attention and more or less throwing exceptional offers, welcome packages and bonuses at their prospective clients. The question is therefore not how to find a mobile casino but how to find the best mobile casino with the best mobile casino games and the best mobile casino bonuses. However, this has a lot to do with personal preference and individual expectations about games, gaming environments, service programs, and the desire in the long run to have the best gaming experience.

In addition, consideration should also be taken in regards to mobile device compatibility, range of cooperating developers, as well as number of games available, diverse bonus advantages and loyalty programs and, if applicable, preferable wagering requirements. A beneficial piece of advice to a new player would be to do some try-outs on various mobile casinos in order to find the best one. Most mobile casinos offer free tests or play money as an incentive to further engagement. Below is a short overview of some of the most outstanding mobile casinos on the gaming market today.

CasinoAndFriends is the freshest mobile casino on the market, and recently launched services for mobile players on their web browser, which means that no downloaded app is necessary. They have developed a user friendly and logical mobile platform for on the go and flexible gamers, and the selection of games consists of a desirable mix of both well-known and popular classics in combination with innovative and exiting new gaming concepts, all offered in a helpful practice mode prior to real game playing. The welcome bonus package consists of free spins and a welcome bonus including various deposit bonuses.

Casumo mobile casino positions itself as the award winning mobile casino that it is adventurous and engaging, stating “made from the ground to make people smile”. With their mobile HTML5 supported app, they focus on overall player satisfaction with a user-friendly approach, free trials and easy game selections. Their game range is not massive but they consider themselves different from other mobile casinos by offering a casino adventure with the possibility of collecting trophies and valuables as opposed to just playing a casino game. A selection of free spins and different bonus offers are obtainable in their welcome package.

888casino is one of the most well-known casino groups and also one of the oldest online casinos on the market, which draws confidence. Their mobile casino is accessible through a free of charge app with no need of software to be downloaded. They have a range of games available, among others the classical card game Blackjack and the popular slot machine game Starburst, all of which are continuously updated. Also, they offer 24/7 customer service through their choices of live chat, phone or email. Regarding bonuses, new players are offered double their initial deposit with a 100% bonus offer.

iGame is a mobile casino that prides itself on its smart and subtle style. They work with the motto “you play, we reward” and offer probably the best loyalty program on the market, according to themselves. The iGame mobile casino app is a browser based mobile app, hence no download of software is needed to a mobile device. What iGame lacks in payment options compared to many other mobile casinos, they surely make up in gaming selection, with a diverse variety of games on offer. The customer service section is nicely approachable, and they welcome every new player with a profitable sign-up bonus.

LeoVegas is the renowned and award winning mobile casino that is often referred to by many as the number one in mobile gaming, thanks to their innovative yet back to basics appearance on their mobile site. No software downloading is necessary; the choice is between using their app and playing directly on their web site on your mobile device. Their setup aims for player friendly surroundings, but hides a highly thought through gaming satisfaction in all areas. Their game selection is huge, with continuously updated new features and the latest game releases. After registration, they offer an extensive welcome bonus and free spins, aside from occasional special deposit bonuses. LeoVegas know what they are doing and gamers are guaranteed to be impressed.

Vera & John mobile casino has made a big impact on the gaming market, even though they might be considered somewhat the newcomers in the business. So far, they offer a good range of mobile games, yet more are coming, with special focus on mobile slot games. Their mobile casino site is easy to browse through, with their main attention being on high quality games. Apart from a beneficial loyalty program, they also offer casino rewards, generous welcome bonuses and occasional seasonal promotions. For the eager gamer, big jackpots and slot tournaments are frequently announced. Customer service reps are easy to reach; however live chat is only available from tablets and not mobile phones.

Best New Casino Bonuses

Vera & John know that a vacation is always a tempting idea. By making some spins on Jungle Spirit at Vera & John casino a lucky gamer could end up winning a vacation to beautiful Split in Croatia. Vera & John claims that they are the fun casino, and they might be right about that. A potential customer need only take a look at their site to be the judge of it themselves. They offer lots of creative and original bonuses and prizes.

Review bonus offers

As previously mentioned, due to the huge amount of competition from the multitude of sites; all mobile casinos offer some kind of beneficial welcome packages in an attempt to attract new players. The packages are filled with various welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses and free spins, and depending on what and how a prospective client intends to play; these incentives can be the reason some mobile casinos are better than others, as long as wagering requirements are also considered.

Game selection

The biggest difference between an online casino and a mobile casino is the range of games that are offered. Online casinos are known for their huge selection of games; they’ve been established longer and have the capability to meet the demands of customers who want an ever wider and more varied choice. The selection tends to usually be smaller in a mobile casino, but that does not mean that there are just a few games to choose from.

A mobile device demands the best features and appearances in a game for t to be compatible to the smaller screens and mobile performances. Due to this fact, it is not possible to access the same games that are to be found on an online casino, as the mobile games must be specially developed for the smaller mobile devices. An interesting fact is that mobile casinos all buy their games from the same developers, all carefully selected depending on intended market niche and market focus.

Most online casinos offer a variety of games to accommodate both occasional players and gaming veterans, as well as basic gamers. Among the selections are classical card games like Blackjack and Poker, slot machines in all colours and formats, familiar lottery games such as Bingo and Keno, and modern state of the art, innovative arcade-style games.


To conclude if a player is after accessibility to 24/7 entertainment and they don’t want to sit at home on their PC all day, then mobile casinos are the way forward. In the quest to find the best mobile casino, advisable steps on the way include doing a little bit of market research beforehand, comparing bonus offers and welcome packages, and determining personal game preferences.

Although welcome bonuses will be a significant carrot, tempting to an unsuspecting newbie, wagering requirements may be even more important to pay attention to before signing up to a new mobile casino. Furthermore, most mobile casinos offer free try-outs without claiming any deposit, and requiring no pre-registration.