What Trends Do New Casinos Have Now?

What Trends Do New Casinos Have Now?

Events such as iGaming conferences and summits have allowed leaders and innovators within the business to communicate and exchange ideas, permitting analysts to review and determine certain aspects of online casinos that need to be changed, developed further or allowed to flourish in their current forms.

Here are the current top trends for new casinos to keep an eye out for.

Virtual Reality Gaming

… the prospect of VR-gaming

Once thought to be a far-off possibility, the prospect of VR-gaming has now become more and more real.

Although new casinos have, so far, seemed somewhat reluctant to embrace this growing technology, it really boils down to a matter of affordability and cost. If headsets were to become less expensive, it’s more likely that businesses and consumers would more fully throw their weight behind virtual-gaming.

In fact, the renowned developer Microgaming went as far as to reveal its VR roulette demo at the ICE Totally Gaming event in 2016. Its aim was to show just how much more immersive and entertaining new casinos could be, were VR ever to take off globally.


…are on the Rise

With Bitcoin having made such a splash in the financial world, particularly with online gamers, it looks to have set a definite trend for the foreseeable future, especially regarding the future of new casinos.

This banking method may even allow bigger jackpot winnings and will probably be utilized by many big businesses online.

Alternative cryptocurrencies are also steadily climbing their way into the spotlight; Litecoin, Etherium and Dash have all attracted major attention thanks to the immense success of Bitcoin.

Social Gambling

… Will Continue to Grow

Because so much of the way we communicate nowadays is through social media such as Facebook or LinkedIn, players have grown to enjoy the social aspect of gaming, and developers have taken notice of this by designing casino games similar to the ones on these websites.

Features such as being able to chat or exchange information with other players are being added and advertised as a focal selling point when showcasing new products.

Additions of leader boards also encourage familiarity and recognition between players as they compete for top prizes.

The Rise of Mobile Gaming

As the use of devices such as smartphones and tablets continues to increase, so does mobile gaming. Back in 2012, 6% of transactions made through online casinos were triggered through mobile platforms; by 2017, this figure had ballooned to a staggering 62%.

This has caused new casinos to make a further effort to make their sites as mobile friendly as possible, either by having apps designed for Android and iPhone or by ensuring that the software is as streamlined as possible for smaller screens, as well as containing the necessary security programming. It’s likely that if this current trend of mobile gaming continues to develop, new mobile casinos will be more tailored to mobile devices than to desktops or laptops.

The rise of mobile gaming

Bigger Bonuses

The gaming industry is becoming more and more competitive. Even older casinos are struggling to maintain player acquisition and retention due to their newer counterparts popping up on the web, with shiny new bonuses and attractive promotions catching the ever-drifting attention of an adventurous player looking for a new adventure.

Players can expect great things, especially for progressive jackpots, as 2017 proved to be a giant year for jackpot winnings. Games such as Mega Moolah, Hall of Gods and Mega Fortune provided massive payouts and will probably continue to retain their popularity over the next couple of years.

New Games

With big names such as NetEnt, Microgaming, Elk Studios and Playtech behind some of the most popular slots and jackpots, it’s only a matter of time before the next big thing arrives on the market.

Business often thrives on competition, and with more and more developers and gaming companies continuing to make their mark on the industry, the games themselves are bound to become bigger and better, with even more amazing prizes and fantastic earnings to be won.

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