Benefits of Playing Mobile Casinos

Benefits of Playing Mobile Casino

They are so many new mobile casinos around now that each one has to stand out in a particular way in order to maintain player retention and acquisition.

Just why have mobile casinos become so popular? For one thing, gambling always has been, and probably will continue to be, a popular pastime with many.

For another, almost everyone we know now owns a mobile device through which they can enjoy their usual hobbies and games on-the-go. It’s no different with online gaming.

Wherever You Are,

… Whenever You Want

Mobile casinos offer something that their land-bound or desktop counterparts can’t – geographical independence.

Whether you’re on the bus, waiting in line at the supermarket or simply having a break at work, it’s so easy just to whip out your smartphone or tablet to have a look at the latest odds, and, if you’re feeling lucky, place a bet.


… Around the Clock

Nowadays, most mobile casinos come with 24/7 customer service, with many offering a live-chat service as well as email and phone.

Good casinos will have staff that are fully trained and informed about the world of iGaming and will do their best to answer their customers’ queries to the best of their knowledge.

Special Bonuses

… and Promotions

Many online casinos now offer certain rewards and promotions that are available only via app or mobile casino. These bonuses usually take the form of extra-value points which, when accumulated, can be used for extra spins or exchanged for free bets.

Alternatively, increased percentages are often offered to match casino bonuses that come with welcome packages and first-time users.

A Larger Variety of Games

Unlike land-bound casinos, mobile casinos remove the need for physical space. With a device that contains good storage and memory, there’s simply no limit on how many slots and games you can play online.

The most popular games tend to be blackjack and roulette, with many variations of both games available. Thanks to new technology from providers such as html5 casino games, it has become easier than ever for developers to design smooth-functioning, clear graphics and brilliant display across a number of screens.

Live-dealer table games, scratch cards and bingo are all widely available too.

mobile online casino games

Convenient and Easy to Use

Most mobile casinos are more streamlined in appearance and function than their desktop counterparts, with their features manufactured to be much more accessible and responsive. They’re also usually subject to frequent updates, resulting in better visuals and a more enjoyable experience for their players. With online payments becoming more secure and reliable, and with the increase of licensed and safe eWallets, deposits, withdrawals and other transfers can be made at any time with just a single tap.

Account Features on Mobile Casinos

In order to protect their players, including both their personal and financial information, many casinos will ask for verification. This might mean sending visual proof (very often a photo) of an identification document such as an ID card or driver’s license. Certain companies may also ask for proof of address, which could mean a utility bill or a recent bank statement. Check if the mobile site has encryption software; this is highly important as it contains tools which will protect, across the web, data sent from your phone.

They’re Cashless

Thanks to internet banking and the multitude of online payment methods within our reach, there’s no need to carry around large amounts of money everywhere you go if you want to play while travelling. Online wallets like Skrill, Neteller, PayPal and Trustly are safe and reliable middlemen between your user profile and your bank account, so it’s as though you’re carrying around a separate purse for some extra cash to use for slots and betting.

Slot Fans Will Get the Most Out of Mobile Casinos

Popular video slots, such as Starburst, Jack Hammer 2 and Mega Moolah, can be enjoyed to the fullest on a mobile format. Thanks to game developers such as NetEnt, these slots now come with crisp graphics, slick gameplay and little or no glitches, offering a first-rate gaming experience and auto-play functions that can be activated with a single tap of the screen.

Mobile Casinos are Steadily Expanding

Recent research has revealed that, by the end of this year, roughly 168 million people will be betting at mobile casinos via their tablets or phones. With the rise of 4G technology, players don’t even need a Wi-Fi connection to connect to websites, making mobile casinos even easier to access. In the next few years, it is estimated that about 80% of internet activity will come from mobile devices.

Well-established gaming companies, such as Betfair, 888 and bet365, have taken notice of these statistics, and many have done their utmost to adapt to modern gaming patterns by offering an online environment that guarantees a fair gaming environment for all.

Suppliers and game-developers are now being called on to design slots or website features in which a mobile format is one of the most important factors, if not the most important. For developers, users and pretty much everyone involved in gaming, one thing is definitely clear – the future is bright!

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