Casino Welcome Bonuses

Almost all online casinos promote their sites with a variety of valuable welcome bonuses in order to attract new players. This specially when attracting players to new online casinos or new mobile casinos. The packages are filled with various welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses, free spins, and depending on what and how a prospective gamer intends to play; these incentives can be the reason to choose an online casino.


It is imperative to keep in mind that although a casino welcome bonus seems very beneficial at first attention, it is smart to estimate the overall bonus value in comparison with further wagering requirements as well as casino quality and variety of games offered. The welcome bonuses are usually tied with wagering requirements and often only offered through a certain selection of games. To take it one step further, there is always the possibility to check the bonus policy, which is generally easily accessible at every online or mobile casino.

In other words, players should always read the small print before diving in head first. However, once they’ve done their homework, and the bonuses have ticked all the right boxes, then the fun really begins, after all there is nothing better than winning prizes and making risk free bets.

The Best Welcome Bonus Offers

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Welcome bonus defined

Now then, what is a welcome bonus? Welcome bonuses are also commonly known as sign-up bonuses and a way to offer incentives to new players. These bonuses are available universally every time a gamer registers to an online casino where they have never played before. The two main types of welcome bonuses, sometimes referred to as redeemable bonuses, are cashable or non-cashable, which can be important to be aware of when choosing an online or mobile casino.

The bonus can be offered in several forms, such as types, amounts, and sometimes tied to an amount to be wagered before cash out. The most common is a match bonus, which indicates that the casino will give the gamer a bonus that matches the sum of the initial deposit, i.e. 100% match bonus and a deposit of 100 coins is equivalent to an additional 100 coins to play with or a total of 200 coins to use on gaming. However, in order to start playing, a gamer will usually have to wager before the bonus will be accessible.

There is, in other words, a mandatory wagering requirement. This requirement is usually quite clearly specified together with the welcome bonus, but it is not always so easy to grasp. To break it down, a casino might require a minimum wagering of 10 times the bonus amount before the welcome bonus is cashable. To continue with the previous example means that the over-all wager must be at least 1,000 coins before any money can be withdrawn by the gamer.

Add-on bonuses

In addition to sign-up bonuses, other types of welcome bonuses offered only to new registered gamers by an online or mobile casino are no-deposit bonuses and free-play bonuses. They seem to indicate a similar approach, but what is the difference between these two except the obvious no personal funding for obligatory wager requirements? A no-deposit bonus is basically a casino offering new gamers money for free play without the player’s need to risk any personal funds.

The gamer will, however, still be bound to a certain total wager which will be acquired from the free money pot. A free-play bonus on the other hand, is free money offered by the casino for free play in a certain limited time frame, for example, 100 coins for one hour free play. Any potential winnings, i.e. the amount that exceeds the initial free-money pot, will go to the player.

Selection time

It can be argued that there is no such thing as the best casino welcome bonus since ranking has to do with personal preference and individual expectations on the over-all gaming experience. The best advice for a player would be to benefit from the vast range of free try-outs before waging any of their own money. There are also several helpful websites that are continuously updated with information and comparisons regarding online casinos’ various welcome packages. However, when decision time comes, and players are ready to choose what to play and where to play, they should check out this selection of some of the welcome bonuses on the market today:

CasinoAndFriends – 100% welcome bonus, 3 deposit bonuses, max deposit 100.00, and free spins
Casumo – 5 deposit bonuses worth a total of 1200.00, and free spins
iGame – 100% welcome bonus, 450 free spins, and 4 deposit bonuses
LeoVegas – 100% welcome bonus up to 100.00, and 120 free spins
Vera & John – 100% welcome bonus up to 100.00