No Deposit Casinos

Online casinos offer players huge bonuses and incentives to entice newcomers to join their site, or indeed to keep older players from leaving for another casino. Land based casinos will offer such bonuses, as well, but the online casinos have the ability to offer higher, better and more frequent offers due in part to their lower costs. Having bonuses does encourage players, some that might otherwise have not even visited the site, to play and potentially join.

Many casinos offer further bonuses the longer customers stay with them, thereby well rewarding loyalty. When players are looking for a new online casino, or even their very first one, the bonuses on offer are something that should always be checked out.


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The Best No Deposit Casinos 2018

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The Welcome Bonus and the No Deposit Bonus

There are a few different types of casino bonuses out there. Usually they come in the form of a casino welcome bonus in order to make players sign up and join the casino. A common offer is that of depositing a certain amount of money that is matched by the casino. Usually this match will be at 100% of what the player has deposited. However, players need to be careful with this type of bonus, as there are usually stringent rules attached.

These can take the form of the specific games players need to play in order to be able to withdraw their money, how many bets are required on a certain game, and more. This can lead to problems for the player if they do not fulfil these requirements. These problems will come in the form of any winnings achieved being removed and the bonus deposit money may be confiscated as well. Sometimes players will not be allowed to receive a deposit bonus in the future from that casino. So whilst some of these bonuses look promising, players really need to pay attention to what is required to receive them.

The other type of bonus on offer is the less common no deposit bonus. A no deposit bonus is in fact very similar to the above mentioned welcome bonus and works in a comparable way. The main difference being that the player does not need to place any money into their account before receiving this bonus. The no deposit bonus simply requires the player to sign up and then they are provided free money after registration. This bonus is a completely free one, in that players don’t have to put in any money themselves. The upside to this is that it gives players a chance to try out the casino and its games without having to pay out any money.

Players can test out new games to see which are to their liking, with no fear of losing any money. Any money gained at this point is simply an extra bonus. However, this cash deposit cannot simply be immediately withdrawn. Players still need to play a few games at the casino that offered up this bonus. Like the previously mentioned bonus, there will still be wagering requirements that players need to complete, otherwise the money will simply be removed from the account. Sometimes these requirements can be just betting 10 times the amount given, other times it can be as high as 60 times the amount.

Once these requirements are completed, then the money, or whatever is left, can be withdrawn. Some casinos will also offer free spins after registration, though usually these are only on certain games. Again though, the benefit is that players can easily try before buying, as it were, and can test out some games that they might otherwise not have tried.

Where can you find no deposit casinos?

More and more this type of bonus is becoming popular, and there are a number of casinos that now offer this type of bonus. 888Casino, for example, offers a no deposit bonus to new customers when they sign up. They will offer an impressive 200.00 to new registrants. There is a minimum winning potential of just 15.00, but up to 888.00 can be won. The only catch here is that the bonus can only be played on certain games, but the casino clearly lists them directly below the no deposit bonus information. If this is all to the players taste, then they can simply continue playing and then will be offered another welcome bonus on top of their already received no deposit bonus.

iGame casino offers a no deposit bonus, but this one is slightly different. Here they offer only free spins, 450 to be exact. These spins, though, can only be used on Fire Joker. But there is no deposit necessary. Players will receive the first 15 spins on the first day, and then 15 spins per day for 29 days. After that players can choose to stay on and get an additional welcome bonus after a first deposit, or simply leave and choose another casino.
A little bit of research and players can find plenty to entertain them.